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Below are instructions for our current actions, please scroll down to see all the actions. Thank you for your support.

ACTION 1: Email NZ government to request that CFA is upheld and the public gets their voice heard

There is some urgency to get your voice – both as a community and an individual – heard before the public access as we know it today is lost forever.
Do this TODAY as tomorrow may be too late.

There are two ways to do it – EITHER added your name and email to the form below and hit send (you can change the details of the email subject and details), your name will be added as signature to the bottom of the email automatically and a copy will be sent to your email address you enter OR follow the instructions in option 2 to cut and paste into your own email program and hit send.

The two options are identical in their recipients and details, just up to you how you would like to do your part.

EMAIL Option 1

Note: Your name will automatically added to the bottom of the email sent.

EMAIL Option 2

1. Copy and paste the list of emails below to new email (ours is in there too so we can keep a track on numbers)


2. Copy and past this list as CC recipients (these are concerned MPs and other public figures)


3. Copy and paste this as your email subject

I request that any attempt to alter the Pacific Road easement at Te Arai, Auckland be publicly notified

4. Copy and paste the text  below as your email message (the main content of your email).Feel free to alter it for your own voice. We believe these to be core requests to the government so that your voice is heard. Don’t forget to include your name at the bottom.

It has come to my attention that the developers of Tara Iti/Te Arai North are attempting to cancel and alter the easement known as Pacific Road at Te Arai. This easement comes under the Crown Forests Assets Act and requires public consultation on any cancellation of easement.

The consents to alter this easement presented to council were non-notified under the assumption that there is a less than minor impact. Our community is not less than minor and at the very least require central government to uphold the Act and allow the public submission process to proceed.

It is my understanding that the developers (Te Arai North Limited) have been lobbying Mr English’s office claiming that the community has been consulted. This is untrue. There have been two meetings where some of the public were told what was going to happen, no consultation, even when the community disagreed with plans presented.

I would appreciate being kept informed directly on the progress of this matter including when and where the public notices will be published.

Yours Faithfully

5. Hit send


ACTION 2: Sign our petition to stop the Pacific Rd carpark from being moved

If you haven’t signed our petition yet then do so today at change.org. It only takes a minute or so to show your support.


There is no need to sign this petition if you have already done so physically, with one of our volunteers. You can also make your voice heard by doing one or both of the email campaigns below.