You have only till the 27th March 2017 to have your say

Last night there was a community meeting led by Auckland Council Parks to inform the community of what is happening at the Te Arai Regional Park and the new reserve north. There was much discussion and a full report will be posted soon. Rodney Councillor Greg Sayers and local board member Colin Smith attended and both emphasised the opportunity for members of the public to submit on the proposed 2017/18 budget. The consensus in the room was that there needs to be a comprehensive Reserve Management Plan in place for Te Arai and that the process needs to begin ASAP. Mathew Vujcich (Principal Ranger) stated he would like the process to begin this year and that it was likely to in the new financial year (July 1). Although Matthew’s views were appreciated by the group but it is in no way a certainty, part of the planning process is having the necessary budget.

The time is now to take a few minutes and submit your views on the Auckland annual budget. As part (or all) of your personal submission STA would ask you to include a request that appropriate budget be assigned to the initiation and completion of a comprehensive Reserve Management Plan for Te Arai Point and Te Arai North as a priority issue. It is understood that Te Arai South is a way off and should in no way hinder the development of management plan for the land currently under Auckland Council’s control.

Please do it today, it will only take a few minutes and is a way for you to get your voice heard

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