It has been a while since our last update but rest assured our crew of volunteers have not been resting on our laurels, there has been countless hours of emails, meetings and phone calls with council working towards better outcomes for the community and the environment with outstanding issues impacting the reserve and keeping an eye on the upcoming public consultation process that Auckland Council is to launch in November where the public will get their say regarding the three reserves – Te Arai Point, Te Arai North and the future Te Arai South (Forestry)

This has culminated in a presentation to the Community and Environment committee on Tuesday 17 October, a request which was initially denied the day before the meeting and subsequently overturned at the meeting, in large part to several councillors voicing their disgust that the public are being denied the opportunity to speak in public forum.

The build up to the decision to allow SAVE Te Arai and others to speak can be seen here. This decision was made approximately 9:15am

There was various presentations from concerned members of the public and groups and we were granted the last speaking rights in the public forum.

Presentations from Aaron McConchie, Heather Rogan (NZ Fairy Tern Charitable Trust) and Colin Smith (Rodney Local Board member) can be seen here.

These public presentations were in response to a presentation and resolutions later in the agenda tabled by AC Parks to approve the start of the public consultative process for the Te Arai parks.

The presentation and following questions can be seen here

If you wish to skip to the councillors questions then that link is here.

There was strong support by several councillors for the plight of the community and environment and the mishandling of many issues up to this date and the instruction to Clr Greg Sayers (Rodney) to follow up with regulatory and the community to sort many of these issues out.

Many issues regarding the north and future south parks are on record along with councils realisation that the three access points to this part of the coast (Pacific Road, Te Arai Point Road and Forestry access) must be protected.

This part of the meeting finished at approx 4pm

There will be more to come on the outcomes of these meetings and we will bring it to you.

Many thanks to those that travelled to Auckland Town Hall in support of Te Arai and the local communities, showing up and making yourselves seen and heard makes a great deal of difference

Below are links to agendas and minutes of this meeting;