Private vehicle bridge over Te Arai stream

August 2020 – Large steel bridge has been built by TANL in reserve/DOC and LINZ land.

Works were completed on bridge that has never been part of a public submission process or Regional Park Management Plan. There are concerns over the viability of it due to erosion of the sand based stream and the narrowing of the passage of water under it.

Developers have applied to build a bridge inside the reserve to span stream – NON-NOTIFIED

The developers have applied to build a substantial 30m concrete bridge inside the reserve to span Te Arai Stream at the western boundary of the reserve. There has been no public notification of this process. SAVE Te Arai has expressed their concern of such substantial and unnecessary constructions inside the reserve where there is ample road access to the area of land south of the stream from Te Arai Point Road and Te Arai Point Regional Park. A bridge is not necessary and will impact on the sensitive ecology of the stream and the existing flood plane which the developers wish to use. The impact on the stream and inland farm land will be prominent and this is all WITHOUT PUBLIC NOTIFICATION, or even limited notification for adjacent farmers and land users.

There has been budget approval by Auckland Council to begin the rather long process set out in the Reserves Management Act for a comprehensive, publicly notified Reserves Management Plan. We believe that no works should occur inside the reserves until the plan has been completed and that public has had input into the plan.