The Dam

6/2020 – Dam has been removed

Removal of dam was undertaken from January to July 2020 as Covid 19 restriction took more time. While the obstruction is removed subsequent works by TANL in building their bridge in public reserve raises large concerns over safety and viability of the structure in the future, due to natural erosion and forces.

6/2019 – Developers have applied for retrospective consent for the dam they have installed on Te Arai Stream – NON-NOTIFIED

In July the developers applied to Auckland Council for retrospective consent for the works they have been doing to the dam across Te Arai Stream since the washouts that occurred last year. It has been made very clear to council that any man made structure in and around the stream should be removed and the only reason their was severe damage to that area of the stream was due to previous works by the developers to create a dam to help retain water for the substantial pumps upstream which feed a large reservoir which in turn feeds Tara Iti golf course.

Currently the consent is with council and we have been in contact with them to express our concern for the ecology of the stream local fauna including the endangered NZ Fairy Tern.

All of this is not being publicly notified